The Flu and a Foggy Morning

I’ve been sick for a week. At first I thought it was the roller-coaster temperature changes, but in less than a day I became couch-ridden and I spent most of the week sneaking mom-aware naps during Studio Ghibli movies, and pouring cans of soup into a pan for lunch. I can’t remember the last time I’ve been this sick. At this point I’m positive someone sneezed on me and gave me influenza.

I’m getting the shot from now on.

On one of my more delirious mornings I had to take Howl out and I was surprised by how foggy it was. It was also pretty mild for mid-February, and more spring-like than ever. The still, muted air smelled like damp earth, and there were drops of rain lingering on branches from the night before. Despite being feverish and feeling miles away from where I actually was, I grabbed my camera, and for a little while I forgot about being sick.

Goo and Howl played, chasing one another up and down the big hill in the backyard as I searched for raindrops and fog and the buds that have, not surprisingly, begun to form early. Goo found some yellow flowers on a bush. I showed her the buds on our cherry tree.

I managed to snap this last picture really fast before Goo and Howl turned the corner. By pro standards it’s not the perfect shot, but I love it. I love the fog in the background, and the sight of my daughter and her new best friend walking side-by-side up the hill. I can’t believe she’s so grown up she can hold the leash by herself! Just yesterday I was fat and pregnant in her rocking chair, reading her “Oh Baby Go Baby” by Dr. Seuss as a sort of “eviction notice.”

Walking through the nice, fresh air seemed to perk me up a bit. Enough for me to overexert myself with some laundry and wind up couch-ridden again. Kudos to Goo for putting up with all of this in the best way a four-year-old can, and for only complaining a little bit when she received soup for lunch for the third day in a row.

These photos are dedicated to my husband’s warm fleece hoodie and Hayao Miyazaki.

All images © Lina Forrester

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