Received Some Heirloom Gear

I received the photography gene from my granddad, who’s spent much of his life behind a lens. A lot of what I know came from him, and I look up to him often for advice and approval.

Last week he gave me a bunch of his old gear, including the very camera he used in his studio. It’s surreal to be able to hold these artifacts, especially knowing just how knitted a camera can be with a photographer’s sense of self. It’s like holding a piece of my granddad’s soul. They are him in the past, and him today, and now they will be a part of me–and hopefully my daughter–as well.

And yes, they all still work! The shutters sound great and the cameras are very clean and taken care of. Since they don’t make film for them anymore, I’ve had to do some research, and I’ve learned that you can rig a few of these to use 120mm or 35mm film. I won’t get as many exposures, but who cares about that while holding a working Kodak Vigilant Six-16?

I would greatly appreciate any advice and/or tips from all the film gurus out there.

all images © 2017 Lina Forrester


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