Don't blink. Life is a Polaroid.



My First Canonet Roll in Five Years

My husband bought me a Canonet as a Christmas present in 2011. I wanted a small, vintage camera that I could tinker with and carry around with me when I needed an artistic nudge. At the time I was still... Continue Reading →

Received Some Heirloom Gear

I received the photography gene from my granddad, who's spent much of his life behind a lens. A lot of what I know came from him, and I look up to him often for advice and approval. Last week he... Continue Reading →

Why I’ll Keep Asking What Gear You Used to Take That Photograph

You take a picture, and even before the post-processing it's one of your favorites. Your knowledge in the manual settings, your skills--and maybe even a bit of luck--made this work of art. You did this. You're a badass. But then... Continue Reading →

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