You’re Invited: Fall On Film 2017!

I’ve seen a few film parties on Twitter, alongside challenges met with clever hashtags, contests, and weekly chats. Since this will be my first fall as a mostly-film photographer, I decided to host a party of my own so that all of my film friends–and tog friends who need an excuse to try film–can join me in celebrating all things fall.

When will it be?

I thought about doing it during the actual season of fall, but the festivities tend to vary from place to place. So I’m going to say from September 1st to December 1st. During this time you can share all the fall photos you take, from leaves to pumpkins, to foggy forests and eerie graveyards. If it’s what autumn means to you, then snap away!

But don’t rush yourself! Take that first week to research the right film for what you want to shoot, jot down ideas, even draw out some poses if that’s your thing. Share your ideas on Twitter with the rest of us so we can be inspired!

What are the rules?

Only one rule: You must use film.

Any film! Fujifilm, Kodak film, Instant film, disposable film, 120, 35mm, even tintypes if you can pull it off!

What if autumn doesn’t come to my neck of the woods?

Then show everyone what “autumn” is where you live! What’s different about this time of year for you? Do you drink more pumpkin spice lattes? Do you get more rain? The main idea here is to get you shooting!

How do I join in?

Easy! Just use the hashtag #fallonfilm2017 on either Twitter or Instagram. Share with everyone the camera you’ll be using, or the film you plan on buying, show us your step-by-step methods on development, and, of course, share your beautiful fall film photos.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask in the comments below.

Hope to see you there!


I Went Monochrome for the Entire Month of April. Here Is What I Learned

Monochrome for a Month was a challenge I gave myself so that I would be forced to overlook color when shooting. I love black and white photography and it used to be my go-to edit, but during 2016 I went through a color phase. B&W became something mundane and drab. I shrugged at photos that used to invoke inspiration, and I ignored most of the Lightroom presets I’d made the previous year and instead created a whole list of new ones with cool-toned hues and mattes.

Then, at the end of March, I went to the zoo and decided to shoot in monochrome when I reached the zebras. Seeing their stripes and tweaking the settings to make them the most invasive pattern on the LCD display, I began to experiment with the other animals and their unique textures and patterns. I spent the entire day shooting in monochrome and my love for black and white was rekindled.

So, I decided to forgo color for the entire month of April to re-acquaint (hopefully) myself with what drew me to B&W photography in the first place. Continue reading

Monochrome for a Month

Going monochrome always changes my perspective with photography, even if it’s only for a day. I begin to *see* the world in lights, shadows, tones, shapes, and patterns, and it really improves my skills.

This year, I’ve decided to challenge myself to go monochrome for an entire month. And I’ve chosen the month of April because it’s no doubt one of the hardest months (for me, at least) to go monochrome. Everything is blooming and the sky is finally blue and the grass is finally green.

But I am eager to witness these spring changes without the distraction of color. In black and white, nature tells an entirely different story… Continue reading