Woke Early and Made a Discovery

Goo normally wakes up around 8:30am, and then we go downstairs at around 9 for breakfast. Yesterday, however, Goo woke up at 8:00am and so we headed for the stairs at 8:30. As I was gathering my things–Kindle, phone, journal, etc.–Goo asked: “what’s that?” I entered the hall and followed her tiny little finger with my eyes. She was pointing at the wall, where the sunrise drifting through the blinds had created a pattern. Apparently, sometime between 8:30am and 9, the sun is in just the right spot to draw lines on the wall.

I said: “hey, want to take some cool pictures?”

“And then I can have cereal?”

“Yes. And then you can have cereal.”

Naturally, she made her silly faces, which I don’t mind because it’s just who she is. Most of the time I bite my tongue when I feel like asking her to “smile” or “look at me.”

Thirty minutes, I realized, was all it took for those lines to come and go. We’ve been missing them this entire time. It makes me wonder what else I haven’t discovered because I’m so fixed on routine, or because I’m busy with other things. Luckily, I have Goo’s curious eyes to show me things I’ve been overlooking for years.

Images © Lina Forrester