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That Time We Drove Ten Hours to Cedar Point, Then Turned Around and Drove Back

We've been getting Goo excited over our trip to Cedar Point since, well, February-ish when we first booked our hotel. As the date got closer, her excitement rose higher than the Top Thrill Dragster, until she was asking every day... Continue Reading →

I Don’t Always Bring a Camera and That’s Okay

One thing I've been trying to work on is to live in the moment and to stop planning for that "someday..." I've always had a "big project" and when I don't have a big project, I have a "big hobby"... Continue Reading →

Dear Goo: Sorry I Haven’t Written in a While

When I found out I was pregnant, I started writing letters to you. You were, at the time, no bigger than a poppy seed. I'll never forget when they gave me my first ultrasound and you bounced around like a... Continue Reading →


Goo started ballet a few weeks ago. She got a pink tutu on her birthday, a pair of split-soles to match, and on the evenings after class she shows us what she learned. She talks about it all the time.... Continue Reading →

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